Shenzhen SiShu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Is located in Shenzhen China, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Main products include tripod turnstile, flap barrier, swing barrier, drop arm barrier, full height turnstile and so on.

The company also integrates products with electronic ticket system, time and attendance system, car parking system, biometric systems like face recognition, finger-print, palm-print, and iris.

Our products are widely used in places wherever access control is needed, such as government organs, army, schools, hospital, airports, terminals, tourist attractions, parking lot. So far, company products we’ve exported to more than 100 countries, like Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya.

Stable function and excellent performance are the product R&D purposes. Offering the most affordable price to customers is the product design concept. Our goal is to establish a win-win situation and long-term cooperation relationship with all our customers and partners.


Not for the most complete, just the best. Products in the domestic counterparts in the lead level are not the ultimate goal of our company, always tracking the latest concepts and techniques in the art internationally, constant innovation, satisfy increasingly sophisticated technological requirements of customers, is our eternal development purposes. Vibrant spirit; keen persistent aggressive attitude. Rigorous and realistic methods of work; the style of the team members together. Fair and equitable work environment, and a trustworthy house of business ideas. A division to thrive in the 21st century, the key to success. In the future, our company is bound to uphold the fine tradition of industry efforts to create a new chapter.

Tripod Turnstile
Latest Curve Design
Flap Barrier
Traditional Shape design
Swing Barrier
Swing Barrier
Swing Barrier
Swing Barrier
Full Height Turnstile
Full Height Turnstile
Speedgate Turnstile
High Speed and high volume access